As a primary trainee teacher on our SCITT, you will train to teach in key stage one and two (5-11 year olds). You will experience contrasting placements in our partner schools alongside experienced mentors who will focus on your phase-specific knowledge and skills throughout the year.

You will spend most of your time in school, learning how to teach from experienced practitioners. Your bespoke, personalised timetable will grow organically as you progress through the SCITT curriculum and ensure absolute synergy between what you learn on professional studies days, and what you then apply in the classroom.

Your assigned mentor will support you and meet with you on a weekly basis to review and reflect on your training. You will regularly come together with your fellow trainees to explore the 4 core pillars of our curriculum and everything we learn will be anchored in those. You will receive training sessions from a wider range of experienced practitioners, covering all areas of primary education. You will complete three assignments, one per term, and they focus on: curriculum sequencing and implementation, understanding our local context and meeting the needs of our children, and how you have and will make an impact on the Fylde Coast. There are no lengthy essays but we promote lots of reading and reflection alongside.

We have a vastly varied partnership and our schools are based on the Fylde Coast so you will rarely have to travel far. We have our own life coach, and our mission is to train healthy teachers for future generations in our area.

Applications are made via the GOV.UK Apply for teacher training service.  Click here to visit the website. 

You will need the following information:

Programme Provider: Fylde Coast SCITT
Provider code: 252
Course & Code: Primary [5-11] – 38DZ