Why train to be a primary [3-7] teacher?

By becoming an early years teacher, you’ll make a lasting, positive impact on children’s well-being and development, opening young children’s minds to new concepts and ideas on a daily basis.

Research demonstrates that the quality of early education and childcare provision is higher when practice is led by specially trained graduate teachers. This makes it vital that high-calibre candidates train as early years teachers.

The early years are a critical stage. We know that:

  • 94% of children who achieve a good level of development at age five go on to achieve the expected levels for reading at key stage 1, and they are five times more likely to achieve the highest level
  • pupils who start off in the bottom 20% of attainment at age five are six times more likely to be in the bottom 20% at key stage 1 compared to their peers

Applications are made via the GOV.UK Apply for teacher training service.  Click here to visit the website.

You will need the following information:

Programme Provider: Fylde Coast SCITT
Provider code: 252
Course & Code: Primary [3-7] – AT89